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Meet the faces behind the project

We are two enthusiastic psychologists who have an interest in the experience of motherhood from a cultural perspective... 


Dr. Tina Mistry

Dr Tina Mistry is Clinical Psychologist working in private practice, who has a specialist interest in working with the South Asian community. She is a mother of two daughters, who also has a passion for understanding Maternal Mental Health issues within the South Asian community.

She wants to help clients break cycles of intergenerational trauma by equipping them to understand the processes of attachment and relationships, whilst also addressing systems of oppression such as patriarchy and racism. 

Dr. Mistry is active on social media, sharing her insights @brownpsychologist. She is a speaker and podcast host for Brownology – a podcast to deconstruct mental health in the South Asian community.

Dr. Puja Patel


Dr. Puja Patel is a Health Psychologist. Her doctoral thesis is focused on the risk factors associated with Perinatal Mental Health issues in Birth Mothers of compulsory adopted children.

She has experience working for 3rd sector organisations, specifically working with families and within maternal mental health. Puja has also worked within a private psychology practice, researching and designing around health promotion.

that are supported by a team of visionaries, aspiring to celebrate the creativity and richness of South Asian culture.



Creative Direction & Platform Management

Maro Studio is a design consultancy and platform from the mind of London-born, Chicago-based designer, Roma Patel. She leads all aspects of design for the 'An'other Mother Story project across both digital platforms, including content creation, iteration and publication. As a young designer, she enjoys experimenting with versatile styles, yet always strives to instill purposeful identity and vitality in her visual direction.



Publication Team

TATTVA is a UK-based, non-profit organisation with a mission to nurture aspiring authors and ideas. They explore the frontiers of Indian culture through contemporary literature and publishing, and host their own authorship program for participants to explore their creative writing talents. Their vision is to build a world that is truly diverse.

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